VPS Launches Mobile Laundromat Solution

In continuing our vision for delivering Portable Solutions, VPS has developed a Mobile Laundromat for large scale laundry needs, such as for disaster relief, forest fires and at large scale camping type events.  Our Mobile Laundry Trailer is equipped with 12 washers, 12 dryers and tables for folding clothes.  You have the option of setting the washers and dryers to be coin operated or to run free of charge. For more information on our Mobile Laundromat solution or to schedule a delivery please call Kurt at 866-863-6505.


One Response to “VPS Launches Mobile Laundromat Solution”

  1. portabletoiletsmobileshowersmobilelaundromat Says:

    One Call Does It All….. At Vanden Plas Portable Solutions, helping a customer meet a challenge is what we specialize in. Whether it be for a special event or at a construction site, we have a wide variety of products and services, such as portable restrooms, portable showers and laundromats, to meet your needs. Visit our website at vpsenterprises.com
    or please feel free to call us with your questions at 866-863-6505. Our customer is Number 1!

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