Restrooms fit for royalty

By Steve Arvenson – The Denmark News (reprinted with permission)

Let’s face it — it’s not usually the most pleasant of situations — especially for the ladies. But if you want to have fun at festivals, concerts or other outdoor events, it’s a situation you’ll likely have to encounter
— the portable toilet.

But now a New Denmark company is offering an alternative. A high-end portable toilet that may put your bathroom at home to shame.

A look inside the high-end portable bathroom facilities offered by VandenPlas Sanitation.

A look inside the high-end portable bathroom facilities offered by VandenPlas Sanitation.

VandenPlas Sanitation on County R in New Denmark is offering a new luxury toilet trailer that has all of the comforts of home, and maybe even a few more.

“We do a lot in the community with all of the different organizations,” Kurt VandenPlas said. “Part of what we saw people and companies wanting is more upscale, depending on what event they have. So we got in to more upscale about eight years ago, to a medium as far as the scale goes. These units are top-of-the line.”

The units are manufactured in Texas by a company called Advanced Containment Systems.

“It is all oak interior with oak floors, simulated marble walls, a skylight, heat, air conditioning, hot and cold running water, surround-sound stereo system,” VandenPlas said. “When you’re in there, you think you are in a very upscale restaurant or business bathroom. You don’t know that you’re in a trailer. That’s the whole idea behind this. You don’t have that feeling that you’re in some kind of cubby.”

The units have been around for a few years but VandenPlas waited on purchasing any until the need for them arose.

“We knew these units were out there but we waited for the market to catch up. Once we started getting the requests, we basically almost rushed into it because the need is there.

The units are perfect for corporate functions like company picnics or large golf outings, VandenPlas said. They’re also a good fit for high-end outdoor weddings.


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