Four Areas Where You Are Covered

We take care of things that you don’t want to have to think about—like where and how you get clean, where to get your clothes clean and where you take care of “business” – bathroom “business”, that is.

Four areas where we make sure “facilities” are available:

  • Special events – large festivals, weddings, anniversaries, music events, corporate events.
  • Parks and other recreation areas.
  • Disaster relief—such as after hurricanes, tornadoes and floods.
  • Construction sites – lots of workers on site, with nowhere to “go.”

Special events – A wedding or corporate event in your plans? We have luxury restroom trailers that will make you and your guests feel, well pampered. For high-end events, think oak and marble on the inside with porcelain-style sinks and 100% clean. Kris at VPS, Inc. adds in a few personal touches on occasion. An outdoor wedding or a high-end corporate event  is possible with all the nice things taken care of; our business is to take care of your ”business.”

Parks/recreation areas – A day on the lake fishing or playing in the park is great family fun. Keeping yourself hydrated is what we hear from medical professionals and others in order to stay healthy, especially in summer. Hydration means, it has to go somewhere and portable restroom units by VPS are in many area parks and recreation areas in Northeast Wisconsin. Our units are far from the “old outhouse” of days past. Today, it’s all about being spacious, well-lit, clean smelling with plenty of hand sanitizer.

When Disaster strikes how do you take care of basic needs? Tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, floods—it’s all devastating. We’ve come to the rescue with portable restrooms, hot/clean showers—yes, even showers! And Laundromats that are contained in a trailer. Kurt builds each unit – his own custom design—we carry and heat our own water and dispose of it later as well. Most importantly, we jump into immediate action when we get the call. It’s our “calling” to help those in need.

Construction sites – If you are building it, well then, you can’t use it yet. We provide portable restrooms on construction sites year-round, to help those who are making life better for others with new buildings. VPS has a process where we keep the units functioning even during our cold winters. There is no  “third tree on the left”—na-ah—Just clean, fresh, portable toilets placed on the construction site for those hard at work.

Look for us throughout Northeast Wisconsin: Green Bay area, Fox cities, Manitowoc, Oconto and Marinette.


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