From a Bicycle Enthusiast

We wait all winter for the dates of our annual long-distance bike tour. How we bikers love it—hitting the open road—watching the fields pass by, anticipating a stretch of shade to cool us off—even just for a few moments as we cycle through the coolness.

 We ride with passion and sweat; we drink water all day long and sweat some more. At the end of a long day’s ride, pushing up and down hills and doing what we love, we pull into a park to camp – the sweat dried to our skin, muscles happily tired.  It’s a basic park—no extra facilities. We pitch our tents, think about dinner, but what we really want is a nice refreshing shower to get rid of the baked-on sweat and dust from the day’s ride.

And what comes tooling along our route, moving with us each day is a portable shower! Clean, wet and refreshing. Soap and water feel so good  to get the grit off; and sinks with mirrors attached to the outside of the trailer feel like an incredible luxury. VPS, Thank you for providing a refreshing shower. There’s nothing like it!  

And now, what’s for dinner?

 A Passionate Cycler




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