The Making of a Custom Portable Shower

When a volcano erupted in Iceland in March 2010, it caused flights to be grounded for a couple of weeks in New York. Officials at JFK Airport called, “We have thousands of stranded travelers here in the airport—  we can’t fly with ash in the air. Everyone is camping out in the waiting areas and they need showers!”   We responded immediately by taking our portable shower units to New York. We were on the road in just a few hours.

Hurricane Katrina – it was one of the largest disasters of our lifetime in the US. Everything is under water, homes and businesses destroyed, including the water supply. There’s water everywhere, but none of it is safe or clean. Thousands are displaced and basic needs—like a shower – become essential. VPS responded.

That’s where Kurt VandenPlas put ingenuity and skill together to create portable shower trailers. He builds each one from scratch. The sum of the parts—creates a nice warm, mobile shower.

Kurt builds the base for the trailer that will hold the showers:

The trailer fits onto the custom built base :

This sketch shows how the showers will be built inside–unit can be custom built to hold from 8-18 shower stalls:

The stalls, shower heads and parts are assembled in the trailer.

The portable showers are clean and tidy inside.

Each trailer has its own clean water tank attached underneath the trailer and a generator that heats the water. The waste water from the showers is also contained in another tank – and will be properly disposed of when full.

The trailer is easily moved from one place to another to accommodate the needs of people. These units are sent to disaster areas, but they are also used for special events, like a big festival or a bike tour. In fact, the portability allows it to follow an event—such as a bicycling tour. As the cyclers go from one location to another, the portable units follow the tour and provide a clean refreshing,  portable shower at the end of a long, hot ride.

Here we are at a country festival.














VPS has created a Very Portable Solution to meet a need.


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