Friends and Customers comment

Here is what festival goers and sportsmen and women have to say about our portable toilets:

 “I am pretty phobic about using porta-potties  — you know the ones, tiny and dark inside and smelly. I can’t even breathe sometimes inside one so I just plain “hold it”, until I get somewhere where there is an indoor bathroom. I was at a festival recently and well, there just wasn’t a place to go indoors and then I saw some big units all lined up. I tried the portable toilet and this was a whole different experience! It was spacious inside, and it was clean – really clean. I could move inside, plus I was surprised to see hand-sanitizer inside, too.”   —  Fran, Bellevue                                                                                        

“After fishing all morning on the lake, we came in hot and tired and of course needing to use a restroom.  There was a VPS porta-potty near the boat landing. I was pleasantly surprised that is was so clean inside. In spite of this boat landing being a high use area, it did NOT smell bad inside. There was room enough to turn around inside along with plenty of toilet paper, too. This was obviously, well-maintained and cleaned often.”  —  John,  Green Bay

“When my family and I are at an event, I know it’s clean when I see a VPS toilet on site.” — Annie,  from Appleton

“We were at the pre-season Packers game recently (August 19)–it was a nice hot summer evening and after tailgating, my husband stepped into a porta potty on the way to the stadium–it was NOT a VPS unit–needless to say, it was an unpleasant experience and it did not even have hand sanitizer. Then I stepped onto the Packers parking lot on the way to our seats and spotted a VPS unit– even on a hot night–the porta potty did not have an odor, it was well-stocked with toilet paper and had plenty of hand santizer. My husband peeked inside, too and was amazed at how clean and pleasant it was.  — A & J from Green Bay

We are never complacent and always want to hear from you–so we can improve our service. We appreciate your support. Here are some more thank you notes we received:

“Thanks for helping the bike tour run smoothly”. From Eric S.

Thank you again for your wonderful service” —From Mike & Cathy C. “

“Thank you very much for keeping your toilets cleaned and hand sanitizers full. It does go a long way for your company.” —From Jeremy M

“The trailered restroom was fabulous. Thank you! Thank you!From Cindy W

“Thank you for consistently excellent service. We will continue to recommend you to others & will call you first for any future needs!”Pam & Joe V.


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