We Are Part of a World-Wide Network

Did you know, we are part of a world-wide network of portable sanitation professionals?

VPS, Inc. belongs to PSAI  (Portable Sanitation Association International) a world-wide organization for portable sanitation professionals.

Check it out:  http://www.psai.org/about.html

From the PSAI website, about PSAI: ” Founded in 1971, the Portable Sanitation Association International is a non-profit trade association serving the portable sanitation industry. PSAI membership is composed of two types of members, Portable Restroom Operators and Associates which include manufacturers of portable restrooms/toilets, restroom trailers, trucks, deodorizers, supplies, and services.”

At VPS, Inc. we stay on top of current information and technologies so that your business or your event, will benefit from the cleanest and best portable solutions for your toilet, shower and laundry needs. Around our globe, sanitation, safe disposal and cleanliness are really important to avoid the spread of germs and disease. We feel proud to be making a difference, right here in Northeast Wisconsin and other locations around the country.

                                                                                    Kris and Kurt


Laundry Relief – What We Do is Unique

Help After the Hurricane

A hurricane pounds the southern coast of the United States; filthy, unsanitary water is everywhere. People are displaced, their homes ruined and yet they have to go on with their lives. We try to help and ease that burden. In addition to providing mobile showers, VPS can also step in with a mobile Laundromat.


Our Portable laundry is working in South Africa 

 A village in Africa uses wash tubs and a sporadic supply of local water to hand-wash their clothing. It’s hard work and not very clean.  A man from the village searches online for a better idea and finds VPS Enterprises’ website.

 After many emails and conversations between a South African businessman and VPS owner, Kurt VandenPlas, design ideas were drafted to build a trailer to house washers and dryers to help our friends in  a country half a world away.  

As plans evolved and were finalized, the businessman and his partner traveled from South Africa  to Northeast Wisconsin to VPS headquarters in the middle of a blustery Wisconsin winter—with all the glory of ice and snow on the ground. For two businessmen from South Africa this was quite the eye-opener. They were also amazed at the quality of custom work and immediately ordered two portable laundry units.

The units were custom built to meet the needs of another country,  including seven washers and dryers, folding tables and a 500-gallon water tank to hold water– because many communities in South Africa do not have a continuous source of water.

 Another challenge was to build the portable laundry to European electrical standards. After a quick course in learning these different standards, it was also necessary to purchase specially made washers and dryers, lights and pumps that were manufactured to European standards.  It took six weeks to build the two units. Next hurdle was to deliver the trailers. Kurt and his team towed the trailers to Baltimore where they were inspected by US Customs and then were finally loaded onto a ship to make their 2 ½ month journey to South  Africa.  The latest report from our friends in South Africa is,  “All is going well with the portable laundry.”

This is How We Do It:

Kurt builds each trailer to house washers and dryers. He starts with a trailer bed and installs washers and dryers inside with water hookups. The trailer has its own holding tank of fresh water along with a generator that heats the water.  Another holding tank collects the waste water for proper disposal later.

Kurt builds the hook-ups for the washers and dryers.

Washers and dryers are installed on one side of the trailer with folding table/work area on the other side.

Exterior view of the mobile laundry trailer

VPS Launches Mobile Laundromat Solution

In continuing our vision for delivering Portable Solutions, VPS has developed a Mobile Laundromat for large scale laundry needs, such as for disaster relief, forest fires and at large scale camping type events.  Our Mobile Laundry Trailer is equipped with 12 washers, 12 dryers and tables for folding clothes.  You have the option of setting the washers and dryers to be coin operated or to run free of charge. For more information on our Mobile Laundromat solution or to schedule a delivery please call Kurt at 866-863-6505.